Day 3 Already

OK, so I totally missed day 2. Not a good sign but hopefully I’ll get better after I put a reminder in my calendar.

I mostly took the day off yesterday. I had lunch at Wasabi in Midtown with a friend then headed to the Avenue of Fashion (aka Livernois Avenue.) I met up with an artist friend who was making some tiles at Art in Motion, a ceramics studio owned by Kay Willingham. Kay’s sister Robin is a jewelry maker. Turns out she took a Segway tour with me this summer. Small world, this Detroit. Kay and Robin will be holding a special shopping day Sunday, Nov. 23 from 3-7PM at the studio.

On my trip home, Intuition (my new best friend) told me to see what the DIA had going for their Friday Night Live. I was ecstatic to discover a quartet from Tuva, near Mongolia, would be playing classical instruments and throat-singing! I quickly got moving, grabbed coins for the meter and headed there. My parking angel (my old best friend) found me a couple with a foot on the brake very few spaces from the back door. And they left me 54 minutes!

Any music in the Diego Rivera court is awesome but this was particularly enchanting. Throat-singing is long, low and deep chanting almost. You feel it as much as you hear it. So being able to feel and hear the music while looking at the frescoes was simply amazing. All with no admission fee! Detroit’s cultural scene is not only fabulously interesting but accessible to the ordinary Joe like myself.

It was a good day.

Today I spoke with someone about space in Venice. Follow up on Monday.

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