So Close Now

I’ve now confirmed that I’m not good at writing every day. So I’ll just say I’m going to write when I have something interesting to say. And, boy, do I have something interesting today!

Segway Venice has gotten it together! Plans are all in place, we’re packing up and heading out in just 3 days. Our new office, at the base of the North Bridge on the island, has great visibility and everyone should know we are there.

Tour routes have had to change a little since our start point is different. The downtown tour is almost identical and the Legacy Trail route has better spots for destination and turn-around. The big difference is the late afternoon tour – we’ve taken out the bumpy Airport Rd. sidewalk. We’ll be riding the island side of the Intracoastal from 41 to 41 and back, winding around Country Club Estates.

We enjoyed giving back to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy for creating the RiverWalk that so many people enjoyed this season. With our Intracoastal Ride, we’re going to give back to the Venice Area Beautification, Inc. for creating the Intracoastal paths.

We now have online booking! So please check out our new schedule for Venice. We’ll be opening on December 18th unless a large group wants to go out before then.

Can’t wait to see all our Venice friends (and feel some warmth finally.)

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